Winter Watch Program

Are you worried about your pool this winter?
The temperatures seem almost impossible to predict. Warmer fall months can cause winter chemicals to dissipate quicker than in years past. Rainy and snowy winters can cause pools to increase in water level more so than they have before. Warmer spring months can cause algae to start to grow.

We are also encountering more customers who have had their plaster recently completed or replaced, and possibly still curing at the time of closing of the pool. As a result, we are seeing more of a need to watch over pools during the months they are closed than we have in the past. So with all that in mind, we offer a Winter Watch Program (WWP). Check out the details below.

WWP will include:

  • Test and balance pH, carbonate alkalinity, and calcium hardness - water will be aggressively agitated to disperse the chemicals as evenly as possible.
  • Add liquid chlorine and/or algaecide as needed
  • Monitor water levels and adjust as necessary
  • Check the function of any cover pumps including functionality of hoses and cords
  • Inspect pool cover, anchors, straps, springs and water bags and replace any needed items.
  • Check for rodents in the heater.
  • Basic visual inspection of equipment.

The frequency of our visits is up to you. Each visit will be $105 plus any parts as needed. If excess amount of chemicals are needed, additional costs may be incurred. Depending on your pool, we may recommend either 1 or 2 visits per month. Please contact our office to determine the frequency that is right for you. Once the water in the pool is frozen, service will be suspended and restarted when possible.