January 15/2021

Let's face it; many of us are procrastinators. We like to put things off until the very last minute and then scramble to get it done in a panic. Why do we bring this added stress into our lives when a little forethought could make things much easier? This is particularly true when it comes to swimming pools. Our service department receives hundreds of calls from pool owners every spring who are in a frenzy because they have a pool party next weekend and the pool isn't running. Why not do yourself a favor and try something different? Here are 5 reasons to get your pool ready early this year.


1. Avoid the green. Most of us like warmer temperatures. Unfortunately, so does algae. Waiting until the weather is nice and warm before starting up your pool could give algae the upper hand. Like most plant life, algae will bloom and multiply at incredible rates once the sun is out and the water warms up. 

2. Cheap and easy. The sooner the pool is circulating and filtering the better. Get on it early before it becomes a mess. Everyone knows that if the pool becomes a mess it will cost a lot of time, energy, and probably money to clean it up. You don't even need to heat the water, just get it filtering. Once the pool is up and running it is virtually cleaning itself on an ongoing basis. A little bit of preventative maintenance goes a long way.

3. Enjoy the view. Staring at a covered pool or worse, a green pool, is an eyesore. But gazing out at your beautiful blue pool is far more appealing. Show off your investment and start dreaming of summer.

4. Beat the rush. Whether you start up your pool yourself or have a professional do it for you, everyone is trying to open their pool at the same time. This means long wait times, and long line ups for water tests and chemicals. If you discover that you need a repair or service work it could be weeks before a technician is able to come out. Don't risk cancelling the pool party because you left everything until the last minute. The early bird gets the worm.

5. Swim early. If you own a pool you likely can't wait for the first swim of the year. We can't always predict when the first warm day of the season will be. But if the pool is up and running you'll be ready to dive right in and get the party started.

If you need help with your pool start up contact us today, or Schedule a Pool Opening.

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