About US
It is the mission of  DS Pool Service, Inc., (DSPS), to completely satisfy the needs of swimming pool owners in the southeastern region of Pennsylvania.

Whether it is a pool opening or closing, an equipment repair or replacement, or weekly service, the goal of DSPS is to allow its customers to “Just jump in!” when it comes to their pool. Homeowners shouldn’t have to worry about their pool; they should be able to come home from a hard day’s work and enjoy their backyard, inground pool in PA. Weekends should be spent with family and friends enjoying the pool, not repairing, cleaning, or balancing chemicals. Through our service and pricing structure, customers are encouraged to have DSPS provide ongoing maintenance of their pools from opening through closing so they are able to “Just jump in!” There are many pool service companies and pool cleaners in the Philadelphia region and surrounding areas, but only one is the best – DS Pool Service, Inc.

The DSPS Difference: “Just jump in!”

The difference between DSPS and other pool service companies is that DSPS is an all-inclusive company. Specifically, DSPS includes the items in its services that other pool service companies offer as options. For example, at a spring season pool opening, while other companies offer chemicals and vacuuming at additional charges, DSPS includes chemicals and vacuuming as a standard core service. Another example is that for weekly service, DSPS provides and utilizes the chemicals that are needed to properly treat the pool, whereas other companies use customer-provided chemicals or retail them to the customers at an additional cost based on what is used. DSPS understands that there are customers that will not want all-inclusive service and will prefer a la carte options. As such, DSPS also offers a la carte pricing if requested, but will continue to emphasize the all-inclusive, “Just jump in!” experience.

The distinction of what services are included for a given price point is stressed so that customers understand that they are getting complete service and competitive pricing from DSPS as compared to other service providers. By offering all-inclusive services, DSPS can avoid confusion on what is included and what is not. Furthermore, DSPS takes the position that no request by a customer is too small and every need should be met within reason. Our customers will come to expect and enjoy the highest level of customer service. Our customers should be able to “Just jump in!” and let DSPS do the rest.

DSPS is owned and operated by Sean Meyers and Dustin Weller.