Expansion Joint Sealant Application 

When pools are built, certain controlled expansion joints must be created. These gaps are necessary to allow for settling and ensure your pool deck has room to move without causing damage to the pool itself. The most important controlled expansion joint exists between the swimming pool coping and the decking around the pool. When the pool is first installed, there is a white foam expansion joint installed prior to the pouring of the decking. This foam material acts as a form to create the expansion joint around the pool's perimeter. This foam does not seal the joint, and quickly deteriorates. It needs to be removed and a urethane sealant installed in its place. 

The expansion joint should be sealed with a self-leveling material designed specifically for this purpose. This engineered urethane sealant is the highest quality material that can be used and will insure a lasting seal. We are able to install these coatings and sealants around your pool so that they not only protect 
and maintain your original appearance but add to it. 

Proper Maintenance 

The large expansion joint around the pool between the coping and decking needs to be sealed and 
protected for many reasons. This gap, without being properly maintained, will: 

  • Leave the joint open to the elements ultimately allowing the tile and coping to separate and crack
  • Be an invitation for debris, weeds and insects to gravitate to
  • Be a safety problem for fingers and toes
  • Look unfinished with white foam showing through or even worse with ho/es/crevices visible around the pool
  • Allow constant water from swimmers and the elements to begin to erode under the decking and the pool's beam.


$9.50 per linear foot if no sealant is currently applied 
$11.00 per linear foot if existing sealant is being removed re-applied 

*Additional charges may apply for excessively wide gaps and/or multiple risers.