December 15/2020

While we’re not talking about swim suits, we are talking about another warm weather tend; fiberglass pools. It’s true that one piece fiberglass pools have been around since the late 1950’s. The fiberglass pool is not a new concept. But it’s just been in the last few years that fiberglass has become a more popular option for families considering a new pool.  When planning such a large undertaking homeowners expect luxury and quality; exactly what sets a fiberglass pool above the rest. Here are a few reasons why fiberglass has become a wise choice for prospective pool owners.

The last thing a new pool owner wants to think about is long term maintenance. We all would love to believe that when we make a purchase, especially an investment as grand as a swimming pool, that it will stand the test of time. Really, that’s the beauty of fiberglass pools; there isn’t much long term maintenance. In comparison to concrete or gunite pools, which require acid washing, re-plastering, re-surfacing, or re-painting over time, fiberglass is quite impervious to water chemistry. The gel-coat finish outlasts many other pool surfaces.

Weighing fiberglass against vinyl lined pools also brings some advantages to the fore. Vinyl pools need to have the liner replaced after approximately 12 years (there are a number of variables that determine how long a liner will last) as they become brittle and lose their elasticity. Vinyl liners are also susceptible to punctures or tears. Fiberglass is considerably tougher and can withstand the sharp claws of dogs and racoons. Fiberglass is by far the toughest kid in the neighborhood.

High end homeowners won’t settle for anything less than a high end pool. Part of the appeal of fiberglass pools is the look and feel of the product. Beautiful features can be incorporated to enhance the appearance and functionality of the pool. If basking in the sun is your favourite way to relax, tanning ledges allow you to set out your lounge chair and get your feet wet. Tanning ledges also make a perfect play area for kids. The soothing element of water falling turns the entire pool into a natural water feature. 

Custom tile work also gives a fiberglass pool some unique appeal and helps to personalize it. Glass, Gemstone, Aztec or other tiles add a rich depth and can be used to highlight steps, seats or ledges. Mosaics such as dolphins or turtles can bring a playful feel to the pool as well. Tile takes to the pool to another level of craftsmanship. 

Vanishing edges (or infinity edges) add mystique and intrigue along with a splash of elegance. Vanishing edges can be incorporated into virtually any fiberglass pool to create the feeling of water disappearing into oblivion. It’s the best possible addition for a pool with a view.
Numerous other features and options supplement the incredible advantages of fiberglass pools. The antimicrobial surface, built in streams and cascades, and in floor cleaning systems are just a few reasons why more Canadians are choosing fiberglass pools. The old adage is often true, “You get what you pay for.” While fiberglass isn’t the cheapest option on the market, most families considering a new pool aren’t looking for ‘cheap’. Why settle for anything less than the best?

Installing the Dream
A number of steps need to be carefully executed to create the perfect backyard retreat.
1. The pool layout is carefully marked and measured for position on the yard.
2. Excavation of the hole. This is when the dirt begins to fly.
3. The hole is skillfully prepared to achieve the final shape and depth.
4. The fiberglass pool is delivered on a flatbed truck and lifted into place with a crane. This is usually the time when the entire neighborhood comes out to watch.
5. The pool is then filled with water and the backfill process begins.
6. Plumbing, electrical are run, and the circulation, filtration and heating equipment can be installed and connected.
7. Concrete is poured around the lip of the pool, and decking and landscaping can be completed.
8. Pop the champagne and plan the pool parties.

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